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Good Luck Gracie!

Beautiful Gracie This week’s news from The Small Things includes an exciting update about Gracie. Sweet Gracie, aged 2 years and 8 months, has left the orphanage and her Grandmother has brought her to the SOS Children’s villages. Gracie has an older sister already at SOS so they will now be together. Born very underweight...


About us!

The Small Things a nonprofit working to support the children and  staff of Nkoaranga Orphanage, Tanzania and its parent hospital Ebenezer Simoni and Zawadi Peace with his mohawk and James Bond look! Vicky, who also has a fantastic scowl when grumpy Isaac being held by Loveness Gracie and Eman A quick refresher on what we do,...


Guest Post by Beth, Nathan and Cara

Beth, Nathan and Cara are three fantastic volunteers who got in touch with us through the website in December and overlapped briefly with our stint in early January – the kids adore them and it’s a pleasure to hear that they’ve returned to the orphanage! Below, their updates on the kids’ development.  Cara cuddling with...


Facing up to our limitations

For all the ways that we try to make growing up in Nkoaranga orphanage wonderful for our kids, we can never fully compensate for the lack of a family. For the older kids, their relationships with each other are so beautiful that we can sometimes be forgiven for thinking they are just as well off. In...


Board Bios – Emily Butler

My name is Emily Butler. I live in Leeds, England and have my whole life. I’m 19 years old and finished my A levels last year. In September I will be going to Manchester University to study Adult Nursing. I always knew I wanted to take a gap year because I wanted to have the...


Board Bios – Emma Shaw

This is the first of a series of introductions to our fabulous board members – meet the lovely and talented Emma Shaw!  My name is Emma Shaw and I came to Tanzania through the organisation “Oyster Worldwide” as part of my gap year between school and university. After considering many other countries including Patagonia, Nepal...