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Immediate Priorities

Solar Power: Electricity remains a major issue in the area. While basic lighting can be gotten through cheaply available panels, we need something stronger to power the office, internet, and refrigerators during outages. Alternatives include stronger solar panels and batteries, or an inverter system that stores electricity when the power is on, and returns it to the system when it subsides. This project is expected to cost in the range of $15,000 to $20,000, depending on comprehensiveness of the setup.

Fourth kids’ house: As the children get older, and in order to allow us to take more complex cases, we expect to need one larger house, built to accommodate infants and children who need 1:1 care, with private rooms for older or special needs children. We expect this to cost approximately $60,000. 

Volunteer house: We have begun the process of purchasing a house nearby the children’s village, in order to provide space for visitors and volunteers to stay during longer trips. It will cost a total of $50,000, spread across 3 years. 

Coalition funding: While we have received some startup funding for this project and have much larger applications pending, we are seeking interim funding for an opening conference, coming together with a variety of other organizations and international advisors to create the initial superstructure and module list for the project. TST’s investment in the coalition for 2020 is approximately $35,000. 


Long Term Priorities

Primary school: Through educational partners, we have the option of turning our current buildings into a primary school, which they would run at their own expense. We would then need to rebuild our family-style houses in a different location on the site, ideally in a more cozy configuration than is mandated by the slope where the houses are currently built. We expect this to cost about $50,000 per new house, with additional expenses related to the landscaping, utilities, and modifications to the current buildings bringing the entire total to around $250,000. Without a fourth house, the current buildings have a total of 3 large and 12 small rooms. If we combined 8 of the small rooms into 4 big ones, we would have enough space for a large classroom for each grade 1-7, plus 4 extra rooms for art and music spaces, administrative offices, etc, in addition the library which is already on site. We would be able to provide the highest quality education for between 100 to 200 children annually at the school. 

Coalition funding: See the coalition proposal for more details about funding required at different stages.