Change Someone's Life Today

Your contribution today can go so far on the ground in Tanzania!


Major donors cover our fundraising and development costs, so 100% of your donation will go toward empowering children, families and communities in Nkoaranga, Tanzania.

Sponsor a Child or Family Today, and Change a Life Forever

Donate your birthday, holiday or start a fundraiser!

There are lots of ways to raise money: Donate your birthday or wedding. Host a New Years Eve Party. Hold a bike ride or 5K Race. Set up a lemonade stand…the possibilities are endless!

It only takes a few minutes – You can customize your page with pictures and specific information, and you can track your progress online.

Invite anyone you want… your friends, your grandmother, your hipster cousin, the mailman… Simply send them the link to your page and anyone can participate even if they don’t attend your event in person.