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Here at TST we are focused on doing all that we can to provide services that are best practice, evidence-based, and result from asking the community what we can do to empower them to solve issues in their lives. We are lucky to have wonderful international donors and supporters, and an experienced local team that enables our work, but to date our impact has been in a fairly small geographic area. We hope that in the coming years, this will change.

We believe that the key to large-scale, effective change lies in linking resources between organizations, alleviating the challenges that come with many small-scale operations trying to reinvent the wheel. There is already a small core of organizations committed to best practice orphan care in Tanzania, committed to family preservation and reunification as a first priority, family creation as a secondary goal, and the use of loving, family-style homes when necessary. We share a vision to create an umbrella coalition or association that would spread this model across Tanzania.

Our mission is to create a network of empowered, coordinated, and well-funded community-based organizations across Tanzania, working from a shared foundation of best practices, and aimed at supporting children and communities via a family-first model. We will achieve this through the provision of program toolkits and support packages including training, funding, and follow-up. We envision a future where all Tanzanian children and families have the support to stay together whenever possible, and residential care is seen as a last resort in cases where children’s safety is otherwise at risk. When residential care is necessary, it should be based on best practices and designed to mimic a family environment to the greatest degree possible.

Planning for the Coalition is well underway, and we are excited about what the future holds. Watch this space!