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Farming Supplies


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Farming Supplies

Want to produce a big impact? Well, families in our agriculture project have increased their original investment by as much as ten times over the course of one growing season! Agriculture is strong here in Meru District and with a little support, training and the correct tools and resources, hard-working families can make a tremendous and life changing profit! Your gift helps an entrepreneur take advantage of the lush arid land in Meru and grow food that strengthens both their family and the village of Nkoaranga.

Your gift will provide seeds, tools, fertilizer, and land for farming. This enable our families to grow their own food and be self sufficient!

$20 lets clients purchase necessary tools

$40 covers the cost of fertilizer

$40 buys the required seeds

$100 pays for 1/2 to 1 acre farm rental

$200 funds entire farming project for one family

$1,200 gives agriculture projects to all six pending families!

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