Chickens and Coop


Campaign Target


$1000 to go

Chickens and Coop

Chickens are an amazing gift for the community of Nkoaranga! They require little space, fertilize the land, mature quickly and begin laying eggs that provide nutrients to growing children. They are also easily bred, and families can use their eggs to generate additional income, or even share newly hatched chicks (and knowledge of how to tend to them) with other villagers! This gift provides chickens and training to participants in our outreach and preservation program and has the potential to impact generations to come. Chickens allow eager new entrepreneurs to gain confidence in their skill and ability as they build up their enterprise and take control of their future!

Your gift will provide eggs as a steady food supply:

$10.00 buys one large chicken

$50.00 buys a chicken coop

$150.00 buys all 15 chickens to seed a project

$200.00 buys 15 chickens and a chicken coop

$1,000 funds 5 families with new chicken coops