Welcome Maureen and Benjamin!

Little Maureen was referred to TST recently after it was determined that her home environment was no longer safe, and there were no other options for care. From a solemn, silent little girl who would shrink from eye contact, to her now – cuddling, laughing, and chatting – Maureen has had a wonderful turnaround in the short time that she has been with us.

As with all of the kids who enter our care as a last resort, our wonderful child welfare staff have started working on a reunification plan for Maureen, and we hope to have her back in a small family unit ASAP. In the meantime though, our mamas are showering her with love and she’s loving being part of the TST family.

Benjamin’s mother died when he was young leaving him in the care of his father, who is in our Family Preservation program. Unfortunately, he recently had an accident and is unable to care for Benjamin during his recovery, so we have welcomed this friendly little boy into the baby house at Happy Family Children’s Village until he is able to return home.