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Hjarsbaek fundraiser for The Small Things!

One of our board members, Marie Korfits recently took part in a fundraising event in aid of The Small Things, hosted by a children’s clothes store in Denmark called Hjarsbaek. Read on to find out about the success of the day! The store, Hjarsbaek, has been collecting children’s shoes through their customers since June for...


Fill a Box, Make a Home!

…and when we say a box, we mean a huuuge box, filled with HEAPS of lovely things!  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let us explain… Excitingly, we are at the stage where the walls of the first houses of the Happy Family Children’s Village in Memory of Amir Visram are shooting up quickly, and...


An interview with Mama Pendo

Earlier this week, one of our lovely staff members- Christina, interviewed the Head Mama of Nkoaranga Orphanage – a wonderful and most remarkable woman, Mama Pendo. Read on to find out more about how she came to work at the orphanage and of her inspirational personal views about the children and the changes that Nkoaranga...


Thank you for supporting #GiveandReceive!

This week the blog is about you – everyone who has become a sponsor over our Give and Receive sponsorship campaign, those who were already a sponsor of one of our wonderful children or outreach families before the campaign began, and those who have supported our work over this year by reaching out, showing interest,...


An Nkoaranga Christmas! #GiveandReceive

With only 1 week left of the Holiday drive, we wanted to wish you all a… HAPPY HOLIDAY!  This week, TST celebrated Christmas with our children, and hard-working Mamas and volunteers. We started out by setting up the tree while the little kiddos were taking a nap, putting the wrapped presents under the tree, and...


2 weeks left! #GiveandReceive

We are now halfway through our #GiveandReceive Holiday campaign, where our sole goal is to get FULL sponsorships for ALL of our children! THANK YOU to all of our incredible sponsors and supporters – you are amazing!  Since the start of the campaign, we have many new additions to the TST family – welcome to...